Exterior House & Building Pressure Washing

Purpose of Pressure Washing

Cleaning: Pressure Washing is the quickest and most effective method of cleaning an exterior surface. In a very short period of time, your surface can be free of dirt, mold, mildew, soot, airborne pollutants, etc. that make the structure look dingy and uncared for. It’s an excellent and cost-effective way to spruce up your property.

Maintenance: Mold, mildew, dirt, soot, airborne pollutants, etc. can cause damage to your structure and the structure’s surface. Siding, wood (included treated wood), stucco, etc. can become discolored. These elements can also lead to the rotting and deterioration of your structure and fences. If the surfaces are painted, the paint will have a much longer life if the structures are kept clean and well maintained.

Preparation for Paint: If mold, mildew, dirt, soot, airborne pollutants, etc. are not cleaned from the surface that is to be painted, the paint will quickly deteriorate and fail. It will crack and chip off and the only solution will be to do the entire job over again.

Difference with Professional Pressure Washing

If pressure washing is done incorrectly it will damage the surface of brick, concrete, wood, etc. It could remove paint and can damage siding. It can also damage any plants in your landscaping surrounding the structure.

Pressure washing, if done correctly, should remove all mold, dirt, grease, and grime. Mold especially will return quickly if a poor pressure washing job is done. Mold will only be removed from the top layer and will still be active beneath. Using bleach doesn’t usually help with this either, and bleach could also damage surfaces and landscaping in surrounding areas.

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Our Method of Pressure Washing

In order to properly prepare surfaces for painting, we need to make sure they are clean from any mold, mildew, dirt, grease, and grime. Our method of pressure washing is thorough and leaves your surface clean without causing any damage.

The steps Kalpokas Painting follows to professionally pressure wash your structure are:

  1. Remove any Screens (to avoid damage)
  2. Presoak the Surface
  3. Spray Cleaning Solution via a Pump Sprayer
  4. Agitate surface with a soft bristle brush
  5. Now the Surface is Pressure Washed
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